Langkawi, Malaysia

When you want a trip to Southeast Asia but you don’t want to be surrounded by the wild and busy crowd it can attract, head to Langkawi, Malaysia!

I discovered Langkawi when I visited a travel agent with a request for something along the lines of…”Quick! I need to escape and chill somewhere affordable without crowds of tourists”. I heard the words “tropical paradise”, “turquoise sea”, ‘long stretches of fine white sand”, “pristine rainforests” and “not as busy as Thailand and Bali” and I was sold!

I didn’t know what to expect and that was exciting! I didn’t have high expectations and I was pleasantly surprised!


I stayed at the ecologically-friendly Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, in the Deluxe Sea Facing room. The resort is on Pantai Cenang Beach and is designed like a traditional Malay ‘Kampong’ (village). The resort is huge! The rooms are beautiful wooden chalets on stilts with verandas. My booking included a discounted full body oil massage at Teratai Spa, the hotels award winning spa!

Wooden Chalets at Meritus Pelangi Resort
View of the beach from my room
Morning jog on the beach
Smoothies on the beach


For a more luxurious and private stay check out Berjaya Resort. It is located on Burau Bay, away from the main beach and tourist attractions. The red terracotta roofed chalets are built on stilts in the water and in the forest.

Wooden chalet at Berjaya Resort
The wooden chalets on the water at Berjaya Resort


The cable car is located close to Berjaya Resort and is a great way to see the islands natural beauty.


The best thing to do in Southeast Asia is get a massage. At Alun Alun Spa you are getting so much more than just a massage (don’t be fooled by the simple website). Walking through this spa was like entering a secret underground temple of tranquility. I could spend an entire day here.

Your treatment begins with herbal tea and a foot spa in an open tropical garden waiting room. The treatment list is extensive and along with massages it includes body scrubs, hydrotheraphy, facials, manicures and pedicures. The massages are of course amazing! And when I thought my heavenly massage and facial could not be any better it was finished off with my hair being braided. Such a good feeling!

The decor of this spa is a very cool mix of modern and traditional craftmanship and leaves you so curious about what is in each room. The staff are very professional and the facilities are very clean.




The food in Langkawi is incredible. Malaysian flavours and textures are the perfect mix of Indian and Asian food. Everywhere I ate was great quality and beautifully presented.

The Cliff Langkawi is a great place to enjoy a good meal with a view of Pantai Cenang beach.

Two curry dishes at The Cliff Langkawi

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